It is this spirit of global togetherness that gives us hope. In this time of crisis, we are all neighbours in the world, and success will only be achieved when all people, in all countries, are protected and united.

Who We Are

Voices of Women In Western Kenya (VOWWEK) is a community-based rights advocacy organisation led by LBQTI women who are committed to increasing the participation of rural LBQTI women in social justice advocacy in Western Kenya.

Why We Do This Work

The motto of Voices Of Women In Western Kenya (VOWWEK) is “SIKIKA,” which means “to be heard.” This motto was chosen because VOWWEK was founded to work with LBQTI people in rural areas where there are very high levels of stigmatization and where LBQTI individuals face challenges at home and in the community due to cultural practices and understandings of gender identity, roles, and expression. These challenges ultimately impact options for the LBQTI individuals in these rural areas by suppressing alternate identities that do not fit in the expectation of “men” and “women.” For example, to be a “woman” is often tied to being a mother and a wife rather than allowing women to develop, embrace, and share their own autonomous identities.


Exploring the sexual and reproductive health needs of lesbian and bisexual women, transgender men and women who have sex with women in Western Kenya.


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Due to continued reporting by the LBQ organizing on violence that is meted on them and the fact that there is minimal evidence that is documented to inform multi –dimensional interventions to address security threats and risks, VOWWEK through the support of UHAI EASHRI commissioned a survey to understand the Diverse Security Threats and Risks that the rural based LBQ in Western Kenya experience. The survey was carried out in 8 counties that saw over 80 LBQ women participate, where the security risks that the target group experience was out of fear of the consequences of exposure especially during this time that Kenya is approaching the Electioneering period.